I sleep beneath the pillow’s spell,

And dreamt about tinker bell

To lose control of the conscious mind

The secrets of my soul to find

The little fairy mend my heart

As she showed me the right path

She said fly high

And just follow your ikigai.

Let me tell…

Butterflies go fluttering by

On colorful wings that catch the eye.

On wings of pink and silvery blue,

On wings of red and golden, too.

Butterflies float in the air,

As they sprinkle art with color.

And wherever they hover, they leave a trail of loving flitterings. It was easy…

The future has just arrived today,
a brand new baby here to play

Ten little fingers, ten little toes
Mommy’s eyes and dad’s nose

They Dressed her up in girly pink
And Skipped a beat when she used to wink

Between the cuddles and snuggles, she grew
She was fortunate, she…

“The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.”
A teacher is like a bottle of scent that consumes itself to give fragrance to others.
When I say teacher, I am sure, your thoughts would have steered to the golden nostalgic school days, where you could actually visualize and gaze in…

I know I can’t speak,

But this is all true

I cry often and laugh sometimes

I too have feelings just like you!

Yes, yes I am that innocent creature,

Which always can’t be strong

I have seen a myriad of emotions,

But I couldn’t express ,am I wrong?


The sweet earthy fragrance, the tiny droplets of pearls on mist leaves, the tranquil sound of the rain, and the soft breeze, everything about the monsoon is love at first sight.

The season, when the kids could be seen floating their paper boats and jumping out of joy, there was…

Charu Arora

Creative designer and tinkerer.Specialises in Graphic and UI Design.Felicitated with Guinness World Record twice for painting.

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