Do you all remember the first time, when you learned about how to use a computer?

I have a hazy memory of my school days, where I was excited to enter the gigantic computer lab with a plethora of computers. I remember the first computer class, wherein the teacher asked all the students to remove the shoes outside.

Switching on the computer, catching the cursor of the mouse, and typing on the keyboard was itself a luxury. I remember the most fun part while learning was to hit the spacebar. …

Lockdown, when everything was shutting down, I was happy as I found a key to find and explore my inner self and for obvious reasons, my sibling is always a part of whatever I do.

So amidst lockdown, we decided to try our hands-on cooking and our poor kitchen still cries for help.

We decided to have buttermilk one day and as usual, my excited sibling popped up and said, I l try it and it’s going to be the best in the entire world. …

“We spend a lot of time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it.”

This beautiful piece of quote never fades away from my mind. As it is works like a never snoozing alarm which keeps on reminding me that I have to step into the shoes of those people who would use the product.


A portal for Online Bus Ticket Booking. Yolobus is a multi-city travel bus for people. It allows users of all ages to have one, easy and straight-forward way of booking tickets.

Human-centered design is a philosophy, not…

Butterflies go fluttering by

On colorful wings that catch the eye.

On wings of pink and silvery blue,

On wings of red and golden, too.

Butterflies float in the air,

As they sprinkle art with color.

And wherever they hover, they leave a trail of loving flitterings. It was easy to figure out The trace of their colorful bliss in the Aerocity, where the event of India Craft Week was organized

India Craft Week, an amalgamation of art and culture. …

The future has just arrived today,
a brand new baby here to play

Ten little fingers, ten little toes
Mommy’s eyes and dad’s nose

They Dressed her up in girly pink
And Skipped a beat when she used to wink

Between the cuddles and snuggles, she grew
She was fortunate, she knew

The heavenly joy sprinkled all the love on her
as she was as precious as amber

I just request all of you to close your eyes for a while and imagine playing with a baby in a cradle. …

“The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.”
A teacher is like a bottle of scent that consumes itself to give fragrance to others.
When I say teacher, I am sure, your thoughts would have steered to the golden nostalgic school days, where you could actually visualize and gaze in awe at that beautiful moment when your teacher calls your name.
Each one of us has a story where we have that one name in our mind as our “favorite teacher”
. …

I know I can’t speak,

But this is all true

I cry often and laugh sometimes

I too have feelings just like you!

Yes, yes I am that innocent creature,

Which always can’t be strong

I have seen a myriad of emotions,

But I couldn’t express ,am I wrong?

School Days, when I say this, everyone goes back to the mesmerizing memories like the pages of an old diary. While we were in school, we studied a lot of things. Some of us might remember a few facts. …

The sweet earthy fragrance, the tiny droplets of pearls on mist leaves, the tranquil sound of the rain, and the soft breeze, everything about the monsoon is love at first sight.

The season, when the kids could be seen floating their paper boats and jumping out of joy, there was a little girl, Naina for whom the rainy season was like a dime, a dozen.

Naina, an eight-year-old lovely girl was like a chirpy bird, who unfurl contagious smiles through her naughty giggle. She used to live in a small town with her family. Her parents were working, so she…

I know I can’t speak,

But this is all true

I cry often and laugh sometimes

I too have feelings just like you!

Yes, yes I am the wall.

Which always can’t be strong

I have seen a myriad of emotions,

But I couldn’t express it, like you!

It is the tale of 1957, I was standing tall under the scorching heat of the sun in a farm, when a little girl Annu came beside me and started sowing a few seeds. In a couple of minutes Annu’s father joined her. …

We live in a world of yellow and green,

A plethora of colors never ever seen,

The tranquil blue makes the sky divine

And its tints make the rivers and oceans shine

The myriad of hue sprinkled on butterflies, glow

Like the Almighty has poured colors of rainbow

the colors often tend to heal,

So let’s dive into the colorful feel.”

Suppose if you were asked to gift an attire to your beloved, what color would you prefer?

Immediately the color would have struck into your mind and you must have imagined how attractive your beloved would look in that…

Charu Arora

Creative designer and tinkerer.Specialises in Graphic and UI Design.Felicitated with Guinness World Record twice for painting.

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